Captain Morgan - Jamaica, 70cl

Smagen har en intens dybde, det er en fyldig rom med med en røgfyldt eftersmag fra fad-lagringen.

165,00 kr.
Model/Artikelnr.: 4011027

Captain Morgan black label er en mørk rom fra Jamaica.

Captain Morgan is a brand of rum produced by Diageo. It is named after the 17th-century Caribbean privateer from Wales, Sir Henry Morgan.

Captain Morgan's Rum is distilled from sugar cane. The combination of the type of yeasts employed for fermentation, distillation method, aging conditions, and blending determines the characteristic flavor of rum. Made with molasses, water, mash and yeast, Captain Morgan Original Spiced rum is distilled in a continuous still. Once distilled, the clear spirit is aged in oak barrels for up to a year, adding a golden color and character to the rum before the flavors and spices are added. The brand’s taste is achieved through a proprietary recipe, which is blended into the rum mixture at the final stages of production, making full use of spices indigenous to the Caribbean Islands.

Captain Morgan is, by volume, the third largest brand of spirits in the United States, and the seventh largest world-wide.

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