Chalong Bay - Rum, 70 cl.

En klassisk flaske, med en traditionel rom. Rommen er lavet på Thailandsk rørsukker, med tradionelle metoder, på øen Phuket.

359,00 kr.
Model/Artikelnr.: 82-8280

Sanseindtryk, fra producenten:

Lively and powerful; coconut milk and fresh sugarcane juice aroma supported by sour notes of citrus. It evolves towards agave and geranium. Slowly, a lavender honey aroma develops on the aromatic palette.
Smooth and complex; the initial taste brings a chocolate and coffee aroma, moving quickly to spicier notes (pepper, nutmeg, and chilli). Flowers seize the middle of the mouth and are accompanied by vanilla and toffee. Slightly earthy and liquorice notes narrow down the palate.
Long and silky. A very pure lychee note develops. The tonality at the end of the mouth reminds one of the skin of this delicious fruit. The sensual contemplation allows its full strength to come forth.


Alkohol: 40 vol. %

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