Den Bornholmske Spritfabrik was established in 1994 which was resumed aquavit production on Bornholm. Bornholmer Akvavit and Traditions Akvavit is one of the pillars with Bornholmer Bitter. In recent years there has been many other exciting products. The Bornholm Spritfabrik has also developed aquavit for Christmas, Easter and summer. In addition there are those on the island very well known and popular Sevablødda and Honningsyp also in the range. The manager Niels Frost manages to produce some new and exciting products for everyone. The range includes so bitter and snaps for any occasion, for example. a walk in the woods or the Danish lunch or Christmas table.

Model: sa035
199,00 kr.
Model: sbr04
Model: sp004
Price from
144,95 kr.
Model: ssb50
Model: sj050
Model: ssa04
Model: sj004
Model: sa004
Model: sb004
Model: sj070
Model: sa050
Model: shs70
Model: sb100
Model: sb070
Model: sb035
Model: sa100