Welcome to an exciting category. In a short period of time, Gin has become a very popular spirit in Denmark. New gins see the light of the day regularly. This category contains a lot of different nuances of gin. For any occasion - and for any taste. Try for example the new Ginscape gin that is distilled with locally harvested sea buckthorn from Bornholm company Høstet (Harvested). Silent Pool, Gin Mare or Hven Gin are also worth a special mention. Try some of our delicious tonic waters as well, 1724 or Erasmus Bond, for your gin and tonic. If you want a sweeter twist we recommend a Ginger Ale from Fever-Tree.

As with our other product groups, you are always welcome to contact us if you think there is a gin missing in this category.

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Gin, which is a contraction of the French word for juniper, genièvre, originates from Holland. A Dutch physician used alcohol mixed with juniper in the 16th century as a good and cheap remedy for kidney pain. During the religious wars of the period, English soldiers got a taste for gin and brought it home to England.

All types of gin have juniper berries added, but some manufacturers also add, for example. coriander seeds, licorice and cardamom.

Gin is most widely used in aperitif drinks, such as Gin and Tonic, Dry Martini and Tom Collins - but also in cocktails where it gives a distinctive flavor.

Gin can be produced as a byproduct in the distillation of whiskey. The final part of the distillate associated with the manufacture of whiskey does not have a high enough alcohol orthocent to be used for whiskey. Instead, it is used for gin, which was used, for example, by the scots, who used the extra earnings on gin to help cover the high taxes that the English had put on whiskey brewing.