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50 g. pure pleasure, in shape of many different variants. For a picture of the desired flavor variant, choose Flavour.

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About the Slentre bars

Slentre Bar is Karamel Kompagniets own invention entirely; And quite the treat. It is made up of soft, chewing friendly caramel, coated with irresistable high quality chocolate. One bite mixes the lovely soft caramel with the splendid chocolate and results in a wonderful combination of flavours.


Classic, light chocolate

Cream caramel with light chocolate - If you like everything sweet.

Classic, dark chokolade

Cream caramel with dark chocolate - The original Slentre Bar.

Classic /w seethe salt

Cream caramel with dark chocolate - Now with a delicate hint of seethe salt from Laesoe Saltworks

Classic /w coconut

Karamel Kompagniet loves variation, here is another; Cream caramel with dark chocolate sprinkled with coconut.


The sweet caramel, mixed with the very acidic buckthorn is a new endavour by Karamel Kompagniet.
Buckthorn has almost become synonymous with Bornholms gourmet.
In this case, it has snuck into the new Slentre bar from Karamel Kompagniet. 
"A delicious hint of the acidic buckthorn, mixed with the sweet
cream caramel, laced with exceptionally delicious dark chocolate
and topped with a hint of dried buckthorn flakes, results
in an unforgetable gourmet moment."


Light chocolate lacing with splendid taste of licorice.


Licorice /w salt

An amazing combination - whom many love - Here with a delicate hint of seethe salt from Læsø.


Pepermint caramel /w dark chocolate - A refreshing combination.
Our personal taste review of Pepermint

The soft mix of cream caramel and chocolate is the first thing you notice. Hereafter, a mild tone of pepermint lingers on the tongue for a few minutes before fading.


Christmas edition

The Christmas edition by Karamel Kompagniet's Slentre bar.

Available from October through December.

Our personal review of the Christmas edition

Imagine setting your teeth into the kind of Christmas cake you will find in any Danish bakery around Christmas. But instead of the crisp, crunching mix of cookie-like texture, the mild taste of cinnamon and the top glacing greeting your teeth, they are met with a soft padding of cream caramel which holds the 'hyggelige' taste of Danish Christmas.

We completely agree with Karamel Kompagniet when they say, that such a goodie "brings out the Christmas spirit, even in Ebernezer Scrooge".

It is a lovely little goodie, which we can easily recommend enjoying with family during Christmas =)


Karamel Kompagniet recommend that the bar is stored somewhere dry and cool.
The bars might contain traces of peanuts and other kinds of nuts.
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