Svaneke - Don’t Worry, organic, 50 cl.

Organic, light Pale Ale with fruit and hops as well as balanced structure of malt and sweetness. Almost non-alcoholic :)

28,00 kr.
Model: ødw50

Organic and (almost) non-alcoholic beer

A Pale Ale, please.

When the life in the hammock needs to be sweetened, it needs to swing a little. Svaneke's bright Pale Ale pampers the palate with lots of fruit and hops.

A soft structure of malt and sweetness ensures balance and desire for one more – and why not?


Goes well with: The lunch table.


Alcohol: below 0,5 vol. %

Top fermented. ~ 22 IBU.


International Bitterness Units (IBU) is a term used to describe how bitter a beer is.
The higher IBU, the more bitter the beer is. The kind of beer high on the IBU scale are tyical IPAs.

Svaneke Bryghus works with top fermented and bottom fermented beer.
In short, it describes the yeast type used in the beer and how they each work with the beer.

Bottom fermented vs. top fermented

Bottom fermentation

Bottom fermented yeast typically takes longer to ferment and is often used in Lager or Pilsner beer.


Top fermentation

Top fermented yeast is quicker to ferment and is most often used in Ale types such as American Pale Ale, Brown Ale and Indian Pale Ale.

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