The Whisky Key

The Whisky Key, makes the whisky more smooth and soft. It hides the taste of alcohol and other disrupting elements. This ensures you get the very best of the whiskey flavor.

299,00 kr.
Model: 37001050

This product is invented by Henrik Hansen from the island of Bornholm (Read "The Story" - soon to be translated), and comes in a gorgeous dark-wooded box.


Weight, box included: 200g

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Find a whisky which deserves some pampering and pour it in a whisky glass.

Raise and lower The Whiskey Key four or five times for eight to ten seconds. Should you desire a stronger effect, or does the glass contains more than 3–4 cl. of whisky, then increase the repetitions and time.

Enjoy your whisky.

The guy behind The Whisky Key

Henrik Hansen was born and raised on the island of Bornholm. He was educated in the metal industry as a smith in 1995. From the late 90s to the beginning of the new century (1997-2010), Henrik Hansen drive a British pub and disco, along with Elsa Frederiksen, his partner.

The idea

If you have over 100 different whiskies on the shelf, you will meet many customers who enjoy their whisky in different ways; some neutral, others hot or cold, and others may prefer water or ice.

One way is no more correct than another: It is important to enjoy one's whisky as one like best. Regardless of how one enjoys his whiskey, it's always exciting to try something new! So in 2006 Henrik began experimenting with how he could open and soften a whisky, as well as dampen some of the alcoholic taste and other disruptions to the perfect experience.

He tried with both new wood and wood from old whiskey barrels, Bornholmsk granite, as well as oxynginate the whisky. However, none of this gave the desired effect, so Henry thought back on what he had learned about metals in his time as an apprentice. Among other things, he tried silver, titanium and stainless steel, all in different shapes.
The best result was achieved with the former material in a special shape, and so The Whisky Key was created.

I de sidste år Henrik og hans partner kørte en engelsk pub, fik kunder, der nød en whisky, mulighed for at afprøve The Whisky Key, og samtidig få en særlig oplevelser. For både whisky-kenderen og dem der aldrig har smagt whisky før, gav det mange hyggelige timer og gode oplevelser. Ja faktisk fik parret så meget positiv respons, at de besluttede sig for at sætte The Whisky Key i produktion og give alle andre, der også holdt af whisky, muligheden for at få samme oplevelse, som de havde tilbudt deres kunder på den engelske pub.

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