Zippo display

Smart lille holder til den Zippo lighter du holder mest af. Passer til normal størrelse af Zippo lighter og Slim lightere.

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Model: 142226

Model nr.: 142226

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Zippo holder/display

Højde: 4 cm
Længde: 6,1 cm
Bredde: 4,5 cm


Producentens beskrivelse

Display your Zippo lighter or keep it right at your fingertips in this Zippo lighter display. The stylish magnetic base has an angled inset to securely hold a lighter at its best viewed position on your coffee table, desk, display case, or in your car. 

The Zippo Lighter Display is designed to fit most standard or Slim® Zippo lighters.  Zippo Armor™ series lighters, the Zip Guard lighters, Zippo BLU™, and selected other lighters with wider dimensions do not fit in the Lighter Display. 

! - Lighter medfølger ikke.

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